BERTH Project Appeal – March 2015

Dear Friends,

On the 14th of April, I will be in the Philippines to join the BERTH Project Phase 1 team. Our Volunteer staff needs a clear understanding of our primary focus and a thorough understanding of our core values and 50-50 participatory approach. Our two areas of concern are: Food sustainability through our FAITH Garden program and Community hygiene through the introduction of waterless toilets. 

Barangay Busay, Bago in Negros Island is 45 minutes away form Bacolod City. We have a small block of land where our Volunteer staff have begun the initial preparations for our first FAITH Garden.

A welcome program and educational film showing will be initiated where the local community can ask questions about BERTH PROJECT. With our limited savings in our Trust Fund, we are hoping that this phase of the project will last for 6 to 8 months. Your kind support will insure that the weekly allowances, other essential needs and operational budget are met.

We believe in people’s participation, their gifts and capabilities. Our role is to provide opportunities for sharing, self discovery, character formation and the introduction of hands-on-projects that will promote food sustainability and improve community hygiene.

Please remember us in our efforts to change the lives of people in rural communities in the Philippines. Your support will be of great help to us and will insure that our Phase 1 program will last long enough to come up with some substantial and life-giving results. We are committed to deliver the most benefit to people and will be delighted to give you an update on whats happening. Please remember to leave us your email.

Thanking you for your kindness and trust,
Michael Dindo Pillora
BERTH Project Manager

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