The Essence of BERTH

Life is larger than our dream to have a home. It is also about sustainability and our respect and care for the environment. Our resourcefulness,our character as individuals and the quality of our community life.

BERTH project will seek to integrate a holistic approach founded on life-giving values and environmental awareness with the vision to equip people towards a richer and full living. It is a green project that will explore extensive use of earth, bamboo and other indigenous building materials.

Rather than looking at having a home as the end product, the emphasis of BERTH project is also on the quality oflife itself. In building up self reliant people with good character, with maturity that enables them to be carers of others and their environment. People who have been empowered by their own experience as participants andproviders of their own needs and creators of their own future. People who can see that life is bigger than just struggling to survive.

BERTH project experience will seek to be a living encounter in learning life skills, teamwork, skillful communication, patience,resilience,and self-control. Lastly to embrace BERTH's core values of commitment, humility, respect, integrity, and service so as to be continually transformed to become fine examples of life-giving lives challenging others to do the same.


Sustainable Environment for self-reliant Communities and abundant Opportunities


To build environmentally friendly homes using indigenous materials, simple technology, and people’s creative capabilities 


  • Commitment to serve the poor
  • Humility, Honesty
  • Respect, Responsibility
  • Integrity, Initiative
  • Stewardship, Simplicity
  • Transformation, Transparency


  1. Provide quality homes to the less privileged communities.
  2. Enrich family life through organic farming, alternative technologies and livelihood initiatives.
  3. Use bamboo and earth as main materials in building ECO homes.
  4. Foster collaboration towards community transformation.
  5. Empower people through skills and knowledge transfer and self-reliance.
  6. Involve interested partners around the globe for cultural exchange and resources sharing