Instead of asking what our communities can do for us, we should be asking ourselves what we can do for our communities. "Berth" a place to rest or sleep. It also means to anchor, in order to find oneself in a safe and firm position. This acronym defines the very essence of this project. It is about building a home where commitment, humility , respect , integrity and service are the very values that will bring about the transformation needed so that one's restless being can find rest, joy and love.

BERTH project also means being aware of our responsibility towards the many gifts of creation, including our environment and how fragile it has become. The urgent need for our care and respect demands that we become advocates for 'green initiatives' this is why our choice is bamboo and earth. We embrace the three R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, therefore we will incorporate many simple uses for renewable energy.

Organic Farming will be at the forefront of our concern. There is so much chemicals in our food chain and the poisonous flow needs to be broken because of the ill health and environmental destruction that it has brought about. We will advocate for FAITH gardens (Food Always In The Home) program. We have partners in the Philippines (LAB) that have already started an Organic Demo Farm and subsequent Organic Workshops.

As well as introducing Solar Energy, there are also other new innovations like Composting Toilets and a food production technology called Aquaponics.

The project will seek to involve as many volunteers as possible. People power will be the driving force behind the implementation of this project. The varied areas of services will give many people a real chance to contribute, serve and be a blessing to others.

At this starting stage of the project it is important that while there is a solid reservoir of knowledge and skills ready to get BERTH project established it is good to realize that we are very much at the 'Stage of Possibilities". Everything needs to be seen under the umbrella of this reality.

With our mission ,vision, goals and values having been clearly stated it is with joy that we share with you the news that the BERTH project is now firmly in it's establishment phase. BERTH project has just been recently approved by the Philippine government Security and Exchange Commission.

Many thanks to our BERTH Philippine team led by Katuwang's Executive Director, Ms Leah Aguirre and the Board of Directors that made this approval possible and our sister projects like KATUWANG ( and LAB projects, which have been a source of great inspiration. In May 2009 Katuwang was servicing 10,500 clients which translates to 50,000 individuals being given opportunities to move out of poverty. These active and living links are paving a solid path for BERTH in becoming a real force for good in the near future.

In Australia, the Sydney team has already collected Sports and Learning Materials for Early Childhood Education which will be our standby materials for community centers which will be BERTH's pilot project prior to home building.

The ongoing establishment of BERTH has been blessed by the growing commitment of a number of people who have given their time and for some money as well as prayer support. These contributions have ensured a steady progress. We entrust everything in God's own timing and provision and remain thankful for so much that we have already received. In thanksgiving we remember everyone who have helped especially my son Jaime who has spent so much time with our brochures other materials and at present in the process of helping build our Website.

A new fold up brochure will be out soon it will give us a pictorial view of many other possibilities and photos of people who so far has been behind the scene of BERTH project in the making.

As a faith project we do not only ask what we can do for our communities but most importantly ask for wisdom to discern what God is doing in our communities so that we can be a part of his life giving action especially in peoples lives.

Proverbs 3:5-6
We trust in the above promise and ENJOY EVERYTHING !!

AuthorMichael Pillora