Celebration!! The BERTH project model home has been built, together with beginnings of two waterless toilets and two bush showers.

We encouraged a small group of volunteers to start a new venture, to learn new skills and knowledge while being involved in building an indigenous earth home.

The toilet structure has an underfloor cavity essential for the functioning of two waterless toilets. The water from the corrugated iron roof will be the source for kitchen water and the bush showers.

This development is a significant milestone toward making a sustainable eco home, with low maintenance and organic in its disposal of toilet and water wastes. These homes will provide an answer to the longstanding problem with hygiene and sanitation common to many rural areas in the Philippines.

Our immediate challenge is to finish what we have started so that we will be able to welcome small groups for camping and weekend retreats.

Food production will be our next focus, with an Aquaponic system first on the list. We are on the look out for someone with knowledge and experience to assist us in the creation of our initial model.

We live in the midst of a culture of alcohol, domestic violence, gambling and drugs. Our purpose is not solely to assist people to have a house but to have a home that will grow and mature in love.

We are increasingly convinced to live by the project’s core values: Commitment, Humility, Respect, Integrity, Servanthood and Truth. CHRIST who lived these core values in their truest sense is the cornerstone of this project.

More important than physical outcomes, is the real change from within in peoples lives. Unless God’s goodness and purpose remain at the heart of what we do, we all would have laboured in vain.

AuthorMichael Pillora