The BERTH Project is about ‘Thinking and Acting Globally and Locally’. This project will have an Australian Global Support Team and a Local Implementation Team in the Philippines.

The Global team will look after all support and coordination of  all human and material resources as well as  channel peoples participation. Also in the shipping of Australian material resources to the Philippines. This team will  assist in the formation of other Global teams in Europe, USA and Asia.

The Philippine team will take on the task of physical establishment of the project according to the guidelines set in the Establishment Budget. It will also take charge of setting up the BERTH community team responsible for the setup of sustainable structures and projects needed for the full operation of Phase 1.

Phase 1

Establishment of BERTH home model with FAITH garden set up, a sample Community Center with Composting toilet, an operating Workshop, and an office building. Also an Organic Farm and Fishpond with a group of committed people able to run the project at its best and most effective way.

By this time the system of Bamboo treatment and pre-fabrication of BERTH kit homes and bamboo supply should be up and running together with at least 2 teams of BERTH builders of 7 people each ready for deployment.

At the heart of all activities, integrated in all programs will be BERTH’s Character Formation program based on the Core Values of the project.

The first 2 years will be the implementation of all tasks as stated in the Establishment Budget Guideline. It is important to note that at this time the role of the Global Support group will be crucial to the well being and effective functioning of the Local operation in the Philippines.

  1. Collecting items like clothes, toys, books, old tools and second hand machinery (for example: a windmill, old bicycles, etc).

  2. Fundraising for shipping and project assistance fund for counterpart.

  3. Mastery of all areas of BERTH involvement so that all available resources can be explored.

  4. BERTH project presentation to schools and special groups for possible participation in the Philippines.

  5. Ongoing search for Project partners.

Phase 2

Commence the building of BERTH Eco village:

  1. Preparations for Rural-Eco Tour Program.

  2. Special Program for Elderly Holiday Care for up to 3 months.

  3. Opening of participation to School groups, Rotary and other similar clubs, Aboriginal groups, interested individuals etc.

  4. Workshops and Training in building and organic gardening. Transfer of skills and knowledge.

  5. Exploration of the idea of BERTH Slow Food outlet. Hospitality training for young people and BERTH contact point outside of its rural base. This Organic food outlet will be built with BERTH building technology and will serve as the display unit for its activities and program.

It will be at this stage when the project will be looking at the possibility of 
 building BERTH homes in the urban areas.

Phase 3

BERTH project will move Nationwide and then onto Asia.