What is the BERTH Project?

The Bamboo Earth Homes Project is a non-profit organisation aimed at assisting very low income families in the Philippines to acquire a home. It will encourage people to learn new skills, gain knowledge and acquire a practical understanding in many areas such as: organic farming and other green initiatives, community development, and in building homes made of earth and bamboo.

The project will provide employment and character transformation program for all involved - especially the young - in order to reverse the rural urban migration as well as to present a positive alternative to gambling, drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

Currently, we have access a large workforce made up of Filipino locals with creative capabilities and unused skills. As well as many unemployed graduates who are our prospective volunteers. This wealth of human resources are just waiting to be challenged. In the near future we will be inviting students and volunteers from Australia and other countries as part of our focus on cultural and resource exchange.

In all that we do, we will strive to be people-dependent as opposed to being money-dependent. We need to redefine the whole idea of wealth, have an educated understanding of its fullness as well as adopt a vigilant attitude towards its distribution. 

The driving force behind BERTH project's implementation of it's program is it's all-out desire to explore fully people's inner reserves. BERTH’s greatest wealth is its core values; To challenge peoples commitment, humility, respect, integrity, and service so as to embrace the magical evolution of transformation. These values are the rudder that will navigate the ship through the challenges ahead. Our life and service depends on this. Our being responsible and accountable will be guided by this and our hope for a positive transformation in individuals for the transformation of new communities is fully dependent on these core values. This is our most precious and priceless wealth.