For sometime, I have been burdened by the question of ' How and what can i give back to the community that did so much for me.
In April of 2012, I started to put into words a project for rural folks in the Philippines. Much to do with meeting needs at grassroots level. This ushered the birth of BERTH project.
The essence of BERTH project is about a holistic scope that one's presence can have in a given community. Involve people in the making of project that can benefit everyone.

BERTH project has a special focus which is the building of homes with earth and bamboo however, there are other needs like food sustainability, urgent need for cooking fuel, hygiene and sanitation that are day to day issues begging to be addressed.

Last April, BERTH project made a bold attempt to establish in Bago, Neg. Occ. 45 minutes from Bacolod City.

Our project vehicle is under repair, we will start our community outreach, look at building two homes for our volunteer staff and continue to finish our BERTH guest house.

We have a small group of committed volunteer staff.
People with knowledge in agriculture, community work, arts and music, cooking and
Character formation program.


Come as a volunteer/ learner., tell us of your gifts and we will find a place for your contribution.

Give in cash or in kind. We recycle clothes, tools, toys,
All sorts of kitchen and household implements. We can turn all these goods into equivalent working hours that people can clock at our workshops and farm

At present as a project, we do not have a funding. We are dependent on people's generosity and support both in prayer and volunteered presence. We have a strict 50/50 policy.
Everyone who will participate and receive something must give back 50 % of whatever they are getting. Along with everyone having to learn
Our 'core values'. Commitment, Humility, Respect, Integrity, Servanthood and Truth.

WELCOME to BERTH project..
There are thousands of possibilities waiting for you to give, grow, discover, become a new person and a great blessing to others.

Michael Dindo Pillora
Project Manager
michael@bambooearthhomes. com
Mobile: 04177731477